Our Story ~

Welcome to Roll-Play-Baby

 The story of how RPB got started is sadly one of hardship and necessity... Following a difficult pregnancy and shortly after giving birth to our beautiful son, my wife experienced massive heart failure (known as Peripartum Cardiomyopathy) and was hospitalized for two weeks; As a result, she now has multiple-continued complications as well as an ICD implanted in her chest that is connected to her heart. As you could imagine, our lives have forever been turned upside-down to say the least...  

 I knew I needed a way to not only support both my wife and my newborn son, but care for them as well; this of course meant that I needed to be home around the clock which in-turn meant finding a new career path... With the onset of costly medical bills and loss of income, we needed an answer, and fast; turning to our son for inspiration, Roll-Play-Baby was born. 
This is certainly not the end of this survival story, in fact, it's just the beginning;

We want thank you so very much for being part of it! 

Wishing you all the best ~